Four Real Estate Investments to Consider for 2017

When stocks and traditional investments are volatile, when investors don't know from day to day how the markets will move, real estate is a good bet. That doesn't mean you should move all of your money into real estate. Rather, you should diversify your portfolio to include real estate, which tends to be a good hedge against inflation and volatility. Below are four types of real estate investments that are hot right now and ripe for consideration by the investor ready to diversify his or her portfolio.

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2017 Top 7 real estate investments

Like everything else, real estate investing is an ever- changing tide Looking forward into next year, we can predict certain trends to continue, and maybe even pick up speed. My prediction for the best real estate investing trends to follow for the next year include: 

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Real Estate asset Allocation: How much is enough?

Modern Portfolio Theory provides the best assessment for how to allocate one's investment assets. In short, the theory says that as risk on an investment increases the higher return an investor can expect to receive on that investment. Conversely, lower risk leads to lower returns. Therefore, to protect the investor from great losses, it is wise to spread one's investments around to include some less risky assets as well as a few riskier ones. 

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Do You Still Need A Financial Adviser?

With new technologies come new challenges. In the financial realm, one of those challenges— for investors, at least— is whether or not to consult a financial adviser when there are so many do-it-yourself tools available. Robo-advisers allow investors to monitor their own investments through algorithmic planners based on pre-selected criteria. If an investor can tell the robot to adjust his portfolio based on certain conditions, then why have a human adviser at all?

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The Riskiest Alternative Investments Today

Since the downturn of the stock market, many investors have begun exploring alternative investments. Who can blame them? Alternatives offer better returns in shorter periods of time. However, those benefits come at a price. If you're going to consider alternative investments, it's best to consider them as a means of diversifying your portfolio. In other words, you don't want to replace your safest investments with risky investments entirely, but if you're looking for greater gains on the short term in order to maximize your long-term gains, then some alternative investments can help you allocate your assets more effectively. 

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3 FinTech Niches Worth Investing In

There's a reason FinTech has caught the eye of investors. There are billions of dollars pouring into this sector, and the future is looking brighter. Of the 27 FinTech unicorns, they predominantly hail from two countries — the U.S. and China. Half of them are in the US., but China has the four largest.

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