Do You Still Need A Financial Adviser?

With new technologies come new challenges. In the financial realm, one of those challenges— for investors, at least— is whether or not to consult a financial adviser when there are so many do-it-yourself tools available. Robo-advisers allow investors to monitor their own investments through algorithmic planners based on pre-selected criteria. If an investor can tell the robot to adjust his portfolio based on certain conditions, then why have a human adviser at all?

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The Riskiest Alternative Investments Today

Since the downturn of the stock market, many investors have begun exploring alternative investments. Who can blame them? Alternatives offer better returns in shorter periods of time. However, those benefits come at a price. If you're going to consider alternative investments, it's best to consider them as a means of diversifying your portfolio. In other words, you don't want to replace your safest investments with risky investments entirely, but if you're looking for greater gains on the short term in order to maximize your long-term gains, then some alternative investments can help you allocate your assets more effectively. 

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3 FinTech Niches Worth Investing In

There's a reason FinTech has caught the eye of investors. There are billions of dollars pouring into this sector, and the future is looking brighter. Of the 27 FinTech unicorns, they predominantly hail from two countries — the U.S. and China. Half of them are in the US., but China has the four largest.

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Real Estate Crowdfunding: The Alternative Investment Option

So many factors have been driving the evolution of the world’s financial infrastructure since the economic debacle of 2007-2009. Traditional investment vehicles have been demonstrably unstable. Some of the financial giants that managed (and mismanaged) billions of dollars of investments were deemed “too big to fail”; they required US federal government bailout money to maintain their businesses.

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Developing Diversified Investments Through Real Estate Crowdfunding

Most investors know that the best way to develop a secure investment portfolio is through diversified investments. Diversified investments provide your investment portfolio with a level of security that even the safest single investment can't offer. Simply put, by diversifying your investments, you ensure that even if one potential investment fails, you have another source of income to back it up.

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3 Digital Savings Mobile Apps

Fintech took a cue from rock and roll and has begun stretching into hundreds of multiple directions at once. One of those directions is mobile banking, and that including applications designed to help smartphone users save more money. Here are three powerful and incredibly efficient mobile apps that can help you save money. 

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Why Real Estate Crowdfunding is a Good Way to Diversify a Struggling Portfolio

According to venture capitalist Charles Moldow, marketplace lending platforms will generate $1 trillion in loans by 2025. All lending institutions currently generate more than $870 billion in annual revenues. That's bigger than the automobile and the airline industry combined. 

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7 Smartphone Apps for Serious Real Estate Investors

In a world gone mobile, those who are connected by the devices in their hands have realized that apps are their best friends. Even real estate investors can use mobile apps to make business easier and more efficient.

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Point by Point: The Pros and Cons of Selling Equity In Your Home

It's not as unusual an idea as selling equity in oneself, but Point Digital Finance, INC, is advancing opportunities for homeowners to sell shares of their homes as if they were public corporations. It's the latest in alternative lending where the platform—in this case, Point—offers an alternative to home equity loans by giving those homeowners a vehicle for selling shares in the home instead. Need money? Sell a corner of your property. 

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