Why Real Estate Crowdfunding is a Good Way to Diversify a Struggling Portfolio

According to venture capitalist Charles Moldow, marketplace lending platforms will generate $1 trillion in loans by 2025. All lending institutions currently generate more than $870 billion in annual revenues. That's bigger than the automobile and the airline industry combined. 

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7 Smartphone Apps for Serious Real Estate Investors

In a world gone mobile, those who are connected by the devices in their hands have realized that apps are their best friends. Even real estate investors can use mobile apps to make business easier and more efficient.

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Point by Point: The Pros and Cons of Selling Equity In Your Home

It's not as unusual an idea as selling equity in oneself, but Point Digital Finance, INC, is advancing opportunities for homeowners to sell shares of their homes as if they were public corporations. It's the latest in alternative lending where the platform—in this case, Point—offers an alternative to home equity loans by giving those homeowners a vehicle for selling shares in the home instead. Need money? Sell a corner of your property. 

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